Why Wool Carpet?

Wool carpets remain a favorite for their warmth, durability, and luxurious feel. Generally, wool is more expensive than other fibres, but price depends on the quality and construction of the carpet. Wool can also be blended with other fibres, such as nylon, to produce an equally luxurious feel at a more competetive price.


  • Wool has excellent resilience, so it recovers well from crushing and retains it appearance.
  • It resists liquid-based spillages and releases dirt easily due to the unique structure of wool fibre.
  • A good-quality wool carpet should outlast any other type.
  • Pure luxury under the feet!


  • Unlike nylon, wool cannot be treated for stain resistance, therefore spillages need to be attended to immediately.
  • The cost of good quality wool carpet is very high in comparison to nylons and other yarns.

Why choose Nylon?

Manufacturing improvements over the past decade have made nylon carpet the most dominating quality. The biggest advance in nylon in recent years is the expansion of solution-dyed nylon in the residential market. In solution-dyed carpets, color is added to the fibre during production, rather than applied to the surface afterwards, meaning it’s more colorfast against cleaning and sunlight. It’s very stain-resistant and stubborn spots can be removed with bleach-based solutions without damaging the carpet’s colour.


  • Nylon is a tough and durable man-made fibre.
  • It resists mildew and insect damage.
  • Many of the high end nylons qualities mimic the luxurious look of wool but with the bonus of the added stain resistance feature.


  • Less expensive brands of nylons can flatten and matt rapidly and may also have problems with static electricity.
  • The range of solution-dyed nylon is still fairly limited but increasing all the time.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a synthetic fibre, popular for its low price and durability.


  • It's a lot less expensive than wool or nylon.
  • It’s colourfast and durable and resists water-based stains and mildew.


  • It’s more likely to show up soil marks than some other fibres, especially grease.
  • It has a rougher feel and cheaper look than other fibres.
  • It will wear out a lot sooner than other fibres.
  • When choosing polypropylene, make sure you buy loop pile, as the pile flattens easily.

Commercial Carpet

Becoming familiar with the essentials of carpeting and how it affects your office environment can assist you in making good decisions when choosing carpet to purchase- as well as helping to ensure that your purchase is the right one that will last as long as you want it to. Choosing the right carpet for commercial applications is unique. The primary concerns when selecting which type of carpet to use are balancing the pros and cons of the following features of carpet:

  • Foot Traffic
  • Budget
  • Style
Identify which item or items above are most important to you. With foot traffic you will need to determine busy the floors are. In higher traffic areas you will need a more durable and more stain resistant carpet. The money that you spend to increase the quality of carpet for your more trafficked areas will serve you well through the life of the carpet.

Decide how much you have to spend on the carpet. Carpet will get used and abused more than almost anything else in your office. Decide how long you want the carpet to look good for, and ultimately, how long you want it to last for, then decide on your budget accordingly. Prices for commercial carpet and installation start at $18.00 per yard on the lower end to "the sky's the limit", depending on design and quality.

The more money spent on carpet decides how long it will look good for. After that threshold more money equals more style. Choose color palettes that work with your decor and choose the styles and colors of carpet that will work best with your furniture, walls, and overall feeling in the office or building. Keep in mind that the initial extra costs for a better-quality carpet, when spread out over the life of that carpet, is not as costly as replacing low-quality carpet. The better-quality carpet will look better for longer and give you less hassle and expense over the long run. So if your buget allows, go for the goods!