Parsons only uses the steam cleaning process for all of our maintenance programs.

Hot water extraction is commonly referred to as "steam cleaning", even though steam is not used. Pressurized, hot water is combined with a non-toxic chemical formula that breaks up the stain, which is then drawn out by suction. Hot water extraction may be of 2 types: Truck mounted or Portable.

Wine on Carpet

Truck mounts have stronger suction and pressure than portable units. This suction helps your carpet to dry more quickly. The truck mounted system that our carpet cleaners use is a system which carries pretreated and heated softened water to your residence. We do not use your water. This allows us to accurately regulate the temperature which is important in cleaning (as well as maintaining the stain blocking properties of your carpet). The dirty water is sucked from your carpet into our truck away from your home- we'll never be leaving it on your property!

We use portables cleaning machines in high rise apartments, condominiums, and hospitals, as well as some homes (due to the convenience of accessibility). Our high-quality portable machines perform almost the same way a truck-mounted system would, other than the quick drying process.

For more information or to make an appointment please call 415 - 484 - 2323.

We also provide concrete/tile cleaning programs please call for details.